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  • Gigi's Cupcakes logo

    Gigis Cupcakes

    There is no sweet treat more delectable than a cupcake, and there’s no cupcake better than Gigi's Cupcakes is Tupelo, Mississippi!    At Gigi’s Cupcakes, every handmade little cake is made using the freshest ingredients and baked with loving care  » Read More

  • Tupelo Buffalo Park logo

    Tupelo Buffalo Park

    Get a taste of the Old West down South at Tupelo Buffalo Park and Zoo, where you can pet animals, ride the fun Monster Bison Bus, or take a pony or trail ride! » Read More

  • Blue Creek Cabin logo

    Blue Creek Cabin

    There is a lovely, charming cabin in Minnesota, waiting for you!   The Blue Creek Cabin is the perfect solution for a genuine getaway.  With a rich history, detailed craftsmanship and gorgeous atmosphere, this beautiful cabin is nothing short of being a spectacular, hidden gem in Oxford! » Read More

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    Back Bay Auto Repair &...

    Back Bay Auto Repair & Custom Exhaust is happy to help you with services regarding your engine, brakes, air conditioner, custom exhaust, diagnostics, oil changes, transmissions as well as towing service!  For same day Tupelo auto service, make sure you turn to Back Bay Auto Repair & Custom Exhaust first! » Read More - Featured Columnists
What Is the Tupelo Community Like?
What is the community of Tupelo like? Is this a friendly town, a big city town or a small out of the way rural area? It is all of those things...
 Things To Do
Things To Do
What Are Some Things To Do in Tupelo, MS?
There are plenty of things to do in Tupelo, MS, whether you are interested in art, history or fun! Let us get the mandatory sightseeing out of...
Choosing Between Hotels in Tupelo, MS
There are about 30 hotels in the Tupelo area, offering a total of almost 2,000 rooms. How do you begin to decide which hotel room is right for...
A Guide to Tupelo Restaurants and Dining
There are over one hundred Tupelo restaurants throughout this great city, and not surprisingly so, since this city is home to 36,000 residents and...
 Real Estate
Real Estate
Important Lessons in Tupelo, MS Real Estate
Are you considering traveling to Tupelo for more than just pleasure? If you want to live or work in Tupelo then rest assured, you have chosen a...
Go Shopping at the Tupelo Shopping Center and Tupelo Mall!
The Tupelo shopping scene is alive and well, especially among the more touristy areas of the city. There are over 600 individual listings for...
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Welcome to Tupelo, Mississippi-Home of the King

Memphis, Tennessee may have been Elvis Presley's playpen but Tupelo was his birthplace! Together with the fact that the Battle of Tupelo was fought here, you can rightfully call Tupelo a city of kings and generals! Tupelo, MS is home to many hotels, restaurants, shopping centers and local events. Its a city of the past and of the presenta fascinating playground for kids and a living museum for adults.

Tupelo is found in Northeast Mississippi. There is an historic downtown district as well as a regional mall. There are literally a hundred restaurants to choose from with a wide variety of cuisine styles. Despite its modern edge, the main reason to visit Tupelo is because of its history and heritage. This is the birthplace of Elvis Presley and tourists are encouraged to visit the Kings former home as well as the museum devoted to his life right next door. There is also an annual Elvis Festival to enjoy.

Tupelo is also the headquarters to the scenic Natchez Trace Parkway, an historical landmark, as well as the Tupelo Automobile Museum and a kid-friendly Tupelo Buffalo Park and Zoo. Other attractions honor military service and review some history of the Civil War. However, Tupelo is far from an old ghost town! There are many high-class Tupelo restaurants, as well as a community theater, a symphony orchestra, and a coliseum for live events. Some of the biggest names in music have stopped by the home of the King, including the Eagles, Rod Stewart, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Aerosmith, Kiss and Elton John.

Some of the top Tupelo hotels include the Airport Trace Inn on Main Street as well as the Hilton Garden Inn, the Cart Barn Inn, and the Ramada Inn Conference Center. Some of these luxury hotels offer WI-FI Internet, flat screen TV with satellite Internet and outdoor amenities. Some hotels nearby the airport will transport visitors to and from their hotel rooms.

Tupelo real estate sells out quickly, as this is a tourist-friendly area (its motto is "our talent is our hospitality") and one that has a stable economy thanks to medical care, manufacturing and banking. Tupelo, Mississippi is one of the most important cities in the state and the whole Mid-South area. It is just as important to industry as it is to tourism, and just as fun a city as it is a learning experience. Make plans to visit the "All American City" today!

Tupelo Latest Blog Posts
Whats Happening in Tupelo, MS This Season?

Theres no question that Tupelo, Mississippi is an important city and a very exciting place for local events. In 2010, the month of February saw theater and film star John Davidson (Hollywood Squares, 100,000 Dollar Pyramid) give a vocal and banjo performance at the Tupelo Civic Auditorium.The month of April is always active in Tupelo. There are events for children such as Story Time at the...

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What Is Happening in Tupelo, MS in Early 2010?

Many traveling shows and local shows open in Tupelo, MS. April and May seem to be active seasons for Tupelo. What are some of the most popular events in town? Dulcimer Day is held in the Natchez...

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The Summer Season in Tupelo, MS

What is Tupelo, MS like in the summer and pre-summer season? There are a variety of activities here, many of which cater to certain ages and peoples. For example, in May, youngsters can enjoy their...

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PO Box 1666, Tupelo, MS 38802
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UM classified as top doctoral research university
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Economic development projects provide concern
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By Bobby Harrison Daily Journal Jackson Bureau JACKSON ? While an incentive package, which included the state incurring $254 million in bond debt...
Shepherd?s Center nears 25th anniversary
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All-America quilt to be on display
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Women engage in self defense course, raise money for S.A.F.E.
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Complaint filed in court against former Monroe County deputy
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By Emily Tubb Monroe Journal Former Monroe County Sheriff?s Office deputy and current Hatley Police Chief Eric Sloan has been accused of lying...
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Last week?s Chapter 11 filing by Hancock Fabrics was not a big surprise, given that the company has struggled to turn a profit since 2008. That?s...
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Q. I?ve been following your plan, and I?ve finally gotten out of debt and feel I have control of my finances. I?m also single, and I was wondering...
Planet Fitness hosts grand opening event
Source: Nems360 | Feb 7th, 2016 8:21AM
Daily Journal TUPELO ? Planet Fitness recently opened its Tupelo location at 1800 North Gloster St. and will celebrate its grand opening through...
Medical Office Building to be ready by 2017
Source: Nems360 | Feb 7th, 2016 8:19AM
Daily Journal OXFORD ?Duke Realty, an Indianapolis-based commercial real estate developer, will soon begin developing the 78,000-square-foot...
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